“I look for things which have found their form stretched to the limit of what is expected.There the expression is clarified and has become precise and specific. These objects have a strong sense of presence and calm intensity.
In the utilitarian object poetry is blended with function, and there are always new angles of approach and new solutions. In objects where utitlity is not of concern, all is left to the expression. Subtle, fragile, strong, or rhythmic.”

Pia Törnell works as a product designer and ceramicist. Her work spans from practical and functional mass produced objects to freer forms of pure artistic expression. In recent years, she has designed products for Rörstrand, Arabia, Hackman, Skrufs Glassworks and Design House Stockholm. The Architecture Museum and Teaching University, and Hässelby Gårds Subway Station, all in Stockholm, have public art commissions produced in her name. She has also participated in many exhibitions with her unique ceramic objects both in Sweden and Europe, and further afield in Japan and North America.

Currently, she and her husband, also a renowned ceramic producer, develop, produce, and sell ceramic forms in limited series under the name StudioK. For more information, please visit www.studiok.nu